Finger painting fun!

September 17, 2013





I Have No Words :)

September 14, 2013



September 14, 2013

The Farmer was at a scuba diving class this morning so after a quick trip to get donuts, BB & I decided to go to the park. Of course Baby had to come too!




The Farmer’s Wife is moving to

6 Days and Counting

January 23, 2010

It has been six days since this little guy came into our home…

In that time, The Farmer and I have learned A LOT!

1. white carpet?  NEVER a good idea when getting a puppy…

2. Hydrogen Peroxide is an AMAZING carpet cleaner and got coffee and dog remnants out of our carpet

3. We can function on very little sleep… we just don’t look very good doing it 🙂

4. Training a puppy is harder than it sounds

5. You will look at each other at least once (a day) and say.. “are you still glad we got this dog??” knowing full well that you will always say yes but on some level mean no just a little bit.. but yes ALWAYS wins out especially when he is curled up next to you sleeping…

6. Having a puppy has definitely brought us closer together and made us work as a team.  It has definitely been a challenging week but I think we have gotten A LOT closer (really didn’t think it was possible) since we brought him home.

7. You start not only talking about number 1 & number 2 (think bathroom) but you know it’s bad when you start praying fervently that this dog will go #2 b/c it is 2 AM, cold and windy and all you want to do is SLEEP!  But all he wants to do is eat snow and chase leaves.. God Help Us!

8.  Puppies go to the bathroom WAY more often that I EVER imagined…

9. That when we eventually have kids we will be the ones that have them at the doctors office nearly daily.. b/c (and I can’t believe I am admitting this) we have already called the vet twice and gone in once and it has only been SIX DAYS!

10.  And the 10th thing we have learned is that despite the biting and the misguided urinating… we really do love this dog… 🙂

Sarge with his toys and blankets… he loves his blankets 🙂

For some reason he doesn’t mind laying on his back… and will sometimes just roll around on the floor sometimes 2-3 rotations at a time.

The Farmer will make a noise like he is crying and Sarge will come RUNNING and try to console him… He gets very concerned when The Farmer is distressed… 🙂  It is really funny b/c if he makes any other noise Sarge will think he is trying to play and react very differently.


December 24, 2009

Your eyes do not deceive you, we are indeed becoming the proud owners of a real live dog.  Sarge will be coming home at the end of January and we are very excited to have him… well we will be until the crying through the night and the house training… 🙂  We decided to get a dog a few months ago and after some searching we found a breed that we could buy close to home and that DOESN’T SHED!!  And, on top of all that is really cute.

We have been to see Sarge twice and will be going at least once a week so he can get to know us before we bring him home.  The following are photos from our second visit.

Happy Birthday

December 24, 2009

So, this post is very late but Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!! Thank you my love for being such a strong leader and all around great husband.  God really blessed me with you.  A pic from our Birthday dinner for Greg.  He is wearing the new tee-shirt he received as a birthday gift from Gabe and Carolyn.